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            The Name of “Zhengzhou Qiboshan Hospital” for Henan’s Xiaotangshan-style Hospital

            Source:Henan Daily Published:2020-02-14 17:36

            The Name of “Zhengzhou Qiboshan Hospital” for Henan’s Xiaotangshan-style Hospital


            Zhengzhou First People’s Hospital has been authorized to use its alternative name –Zhengzhou Qiboshan Hospital, which becomes Henan’s first Xiaotangshan-style hospital, according to a Henan Daily report on Feb. 13th. At 10 o’clock on this day, 229 medical workers from 8 municipal hospitals, including Zhengzhou First People’s Hospital and Zhengzhou Hospital of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), officially commenced performing their duties at it.

            大河网讯 2月13日,记者获悉,郑州市第一人民医院增加第二名称已获批复,河南版“小汤山”医院被正式命名为“郑州岐伯山医院”。当天上午10时许,229名医护人员正式进驻该医院,他们来自郑州市第一人民医院、郑州市中医院等8家市属医院。

            Zhengzhou Qiboshan Hospital. [Photo provided to Dahe Daily]

            “The name of Qiboshan Hospital sounds great! Located in Goutang town of Xinmi city, Qiboshan (Qibo Mountain) is a place where Qi Bo, the ancestor of TCM, wrote books and set up his theories according to legend. In fact, some traditional Chinese medicine is probably effective against NCP,” Xu Xuegong, vice-director of Zhengzhou Hospital of TCM, remarked that the use of TCM in Henan’s fight against epidemic has achieved remarkable results.



            Zhengzhou Qiboshan Hospital. [Photo provided to Dahe Daily]

            Covering an area of some 26 thousand square meters, Zhengzhou Qiboshan Hospital with more than 800 beds is divided into 6 wards, of which 4 for confirmed patients, 1 for isolation and 1 for patients in critical conditions. It will start receiving patients on Feb.16th. “We have mobilized respiratory and critical care professionals all over the city to join us. Now, the hospital has been equipped with adequate medical equipment, including 50 ICU ventilators and 3 ECOMs,” said Hu Heping, vice-director of Zhengzhou First People’s Hospital.


            Zhengzhou Qiboshan Hospital. [Photo provided to Dahe Daily]

            All of the 229 medical workers have successfully passed 3 tests after over 10 days’ training for making good performance in Qiboshan Hospital. At 14 o’clock on Feb. 13th, new training for all staff was carried out. “Huge challenges require us to strengthen training for achieving zero infections. I hope everyone can go back home safe,” said Liu Jing, head nurse of respiratory medicine department at Zhengzhou First People’s Hospital.

            进驻郑州岐伯山医院之前,医护人员已连续培训十余天,考核三次,全体过关。当天下午2时,全员培训再次展开,郑州市第一人民医院呼吸内科护士长刘敬说:“我们面临的挑战很大,加强培训是必须的,争取零感染,希望大家平平安安回家?!?(记者何可 编译赵汉青 审校丁岚)

            Editor:Zhao Hanqing